The Clubhouse was built as a town hall for the citizens of Caswell County in 1936. The construction was set forth by the Works Progress Administration post World War I as a means to revitalize the citizens of this country and help reduce the country’s high unemployment rate following the war. 

In 1937 the property was sold to the Caswell County Rotary Club "in fee simple, as long as water flows and grass grows". In addition to hosting Rotarian functions, the Clubhouse was home to regular town events including weekly dances featuring local band "The Circuit Ryders" and legendary parties thrown by the local rugby league.  

If you look on the southern step next to the outdoor fireplace, you will see the Clubhouse’s birth date, May 4, 1936, with a backwards “y and 4”. There are amazing details and bits of history almost everywhere you look. The Clubhouse has been a big part of Yanceyville's history for decades. If you're lucky enough to sit with a local, chances are they'll have a story or two to tell.